First Things First




Luxor 3801


Mosque of al-'Amri, Esna

Esna Street Scene

Villager's Home

A Dream Cruise

Nile Shoreline 3891

Nile Shoreline3893

Nile Sunset

Nile Dawn

misty morning

Sugar Cane field

Harvesting Sugar Cane

Harvesting Sugar Cane   6

Transporting Cane

Field Hand

Field Workers


Misty Island

Misty Marsh 4

Misty Island 7A

Donkey Island

Donkey Nuzzle

misty marsh 7

misty marsh 9

Misty Marsh 13


A couple walking


Room With A View

Nag‘ el-Hammâm


Americans Abroad

Hello...Welcome 1

Hello...Welcome 3

Hello...Welcome 2

Hello...Welcome 5

and Moses, beloved of God...

led his followers through the wilderness...

to the promised land

Enrique, aka moses

Kom Ombo

Bas Relief

Paul & Maman

bas relief

Max & Julie

bas relief 2



A tragic loss

He sits alone most every night atoning (?) for the loss of his family in a car crash

evening supper

nile sunset

dahabiya 6

nile shoreline 4463

aswan bridge

arriving in aswan

on the road to Abu Simbel

on the road from Abu Simbel

The Great temple

 temple of Hathor and Nefertari

one of the outside statues

protecting the homeland

abu simbel guard

room with a view, morning

alexandria station

room with a view, tahrir square

Thank you, Enrique, for a fantastic time

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